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Welcome to the HOPE Oncology Clinic, a symbol of our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding healthcare services in the fields of Oncology and Hematology to patients who are battling critical ailments such as Cancer. HOPE Oncology Clinic, brain child of Dr. Amish Vora, a Medical Oncologist with vast experience in field of Medical Oncology, having worked at prestigious Cancer institutions like Tata Memorial Hospital, AIIMS, MSKCC, NHS, has the primary goal of providing high-quality and affordable cancer care to the residents of Delhi, India. The inception of HOPE Oncology Clinic revolves around offering cutting-edge medical treatments by highly qualified healthcare professionals in the field of cancer, within a state-of-the-art facility, alongside a comprehensive range of healthcare value-added services for our patients.

It is widely recognized that the timeliness of medical services, particularly in diseases like cancer, is of utmost importance and can significantly impact treatment outcomes. Unfortunately, the healthcare infrastructure in India has not evolved to efficiently address the needs of all cancer patients, leaving a critical gap. We are determined to bridge this gap through the genuine efforts of the HOPE Oncology Clinic.

We are proud to be the first of its kind, an independent specialty Cancer Centre, known as HOPE Oncology Clinic. Our team consists of six highly qualified Oncologists, including experts in cancer medicine, Medical Oncologists, Onco-Surgeon, Radiation Oncologist, and Paediatric Oncologist. They bring extensive experience in utilizing cancer treatments, ranging from conventional chemotherapy to cutting-edge therapies like targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Cancer medicine is a crucial treatment modality, playing a pivotal role in all stages of cancer. Our strong team of medical experts, including a 15+ year experienced Day-care Incharge, Pain Management Specialist, Palliative Care Expert, Onco-Nutritionist, Onco-Counsellor, and Onco-Physiotherapist, ensures the efficient administration of these treatments and monitors and manages both expected and unexpected complications.

To date, we have amassed rich experience in administering more than 30,000 chemotherapy and other therapy infusions and procedures. We take pride in having treated over 5,000 patients, with many achieving the best results relative to their unique disease patterns and extents. Our commitment to delivering critical patient services without compromise ensures the best treatment experience, with a focus on achieving the best treatment outcomes. We tailor treatment options for each patient to specifically address their individual needs in cancer treatment by leveraging the collective expertise of our team of Oncologists.