The H.O.P.E. Oncology Clinic caters to all patients, irrespective of colour, caste, creed or nationality. We have treated patients from various nationalities including Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Yemen, Japan and Iran, to name a few.

We sympathize with the needs of our international patients and understand their language barriers as well. Some of these patients have financial constraints, which we understand, and make efforts to give them the best deal. After treatment, once they go back to their respective countries, our association continues with them through WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime and Facebook. We even make sure they continue their treatment in the best possible way back home.

International Patients at HOPE 01
International Patients at HOPE 02
International Patients at HOPE 03

In the past, we have helped our international patients with financing and any other issues they may face during their time here.

Dr. Amish Vora 03
Dr. Amish Vora with patient

Mauzana is a 13 year old girl from Tajikistan suffering from cancer. Dr. Amish Vora, our head of oncology, ran the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon to raise sufficient funds for her treatment. Their bond remains strong to this day.

For any assistance or queries, kindly contact:

Dr. Shilpi Chandra

Shilpi Chandra

Head – International Marketing



B.Pharma & MBA

With a team of 15 professionals working under her, Shilpi is a growth-driven marketing professional in the field of healthcare & diagnostics, with 12 years of experience under her belt.

    • VP of Marketing, Sanya Diagnostics
    • Ex-Area Sales Manage, SRL Diagnostics Centre
    • Ex-Senior Marketing Executive, ADS Diagnostics Ltd.