HOPE Entrance

A sweeping sense of calm engulfs you as you enter our doors.

It’s almost as if you’re entering your own home.

As soon as you sit in our reception, a familiar burst of positive energy unfolds.

Our attentive staff ensures your every need is taken care of.

The perfect place to unwind and read a book or play some board games.

This is our silent zone: no one will disturb you or your thoughts here.

Chemotherapy can be a scary prospect.

We make it an ideal time for you to relax and make some new friends.

HOPE Cafeteria

Home-cooked, fresh meals eaten in a serene atmosphere

Something special in every bite.

HOPE Prayer Room

The prayer room at HOPE. Your own personal room of solace.

Your prayers can be extremely powerful – we make them extremely peaceful.

HOPE Yoga Room

Uplift yourself through the rejuvenating powers of yoga.

A spacious, sunny area for exercising and interactive events.

HOPE Clinic 02