Pranav Arora

13 Oct 2017
I got to know Dr. Vora in 2012 when I met him for my treatment at Max Hospital. I got a very positive vibe when I first met him as he had a holistic approach to the concept of cancer and introduced it to me and my parents in a very understanding manner.
We were assured from the onset of the treatment that we would be cured. Throughout the journey, he was there for every patient and personally molded his approach according to the needs of every individual. Even post treatment, he has been of full support even in issues not related to my health.
The H.O.P.E. Oncology Clinic is a wonderful initiative started by Dr. Vora and Mr. Aditya Talwar. It is the sort of cancer care clinic the city needs as most hospitals overflow with patients who do not get proper attention and are charged a lot .
H.O.P.E. seeks to provide an intimate patient approach. My experience of visiting H.O.P.E .has been very refreshing as the clinic has a great vibe and ambiance wherein patients can get high quality treatment.